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New Roofing

When you’re ready for a consultation, you will work directly with one of the owners. We will provide an inspection of your roof and determine the current condition. Additionally we provide our clients with advice and basic knowledge of the process involved. We will discuss everything from construction details to product considerations to help us provide a specific proposal for your unique project.

Importance of Hand Nailing New Asphalt Roofs

We hand nail all our asphalt shingles because it is the only way to guarantee the accuracy of the nail placement and to make sure the head of the roof nail is properly driven fully against the shingle, securing the shingle tight against the roof deck below. When a nail gun is used to install and asphalt shingle roof the accuracy of nailing pattern is lost, there is no way to feel solid roof deck below and nails can be over or under driven.

In the Northeast, 4 nails per shingle are required. Accurate nailing in the 1 inch wide zone of each shingle allows every shingle to be held by a total of 8 nails. The nails placed in the nailing zone of each shingle go through the top of the shingle below it as well.

When applying a roof over plywood you must contend with the varying density of the wood. While the nail gun is set to one constant pressure, you may come across a hard spot in the wood that the nail will not fully go through. While the nail is not fully set flush with the shingle this allows the shingle to remain loose, vulnerable to the wind and gravity of the slope of the roof. We have also seen the un-driven nail cut through the shingle above allowing water to penetrate the roof. While using a nail gun you may also come across a soft spot in the wood. The air pressure being too high for this spot, the nail will cut through the surface of the shingle. The nail is through the shingle leaving it without proper amount of fasteners and vulnerable to wind and slope of the roof.

The average house in this area consists of a roof containing 1,500 asphalt shingles. That is a total of at least 6,000 nails applied to properly secure the shingles to the roof deck. It only takes one improperly placed nail to cause a leak in your home. By hand driving every roof nail with a hammer the proper amount of pressure is applied to every nail ensuring a straight and tight seal of the shingles to the roof deck.